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Sandy has been a lifelong self-taught artist, whose journey in the arts stemmed from the words of a single childhood instructor who witnessed her talent and encouraged her to create. Since then, she has been an avid painter, and has tirelessly worked to better her craft.

Over the years, Sandy has filled hundreds of canvases and sold dozens of paintings. She has also received various awards throughout the years.

Typically, Sandy’s inspiration comes from the happenings in her everyday life. She feels that even the most mundane scene can become a captivating and beautiful muse, which is why she so often focuses on capturing the vibrancy that lives in each little moment.

Though Sandy is a multiple medium artist, her specialty is oil painting. She favors realism in figurative landscapes, still life, and portraiture. In all of her work, Sandy does her best to emphasize the harmonious colors and emotions that already exist there with a delicate eye.