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Max Monts, a wood turner and retired schoolteacher has worked with wood for most of his life. Max started to turn wood on his lathe 15 years ago as a hobby. Now turning is his passion.

Max’s fascination with turning begins with each unique piece of wood and finding what lies within. Bark inclusions, knots and voids within a piece of wood are all ingredients that add to the mystery. Be it a bowl or lidded box, it is often the wood that dictates the form’s shape and function. Woodturning lends itself to the production of many different things, some functional, others decorative, and all artistic.

The manifestations of Max’s passion are found in his pieces. Max finds particular joy in creating works of art from wood with personal sentimental value. If your family has a tree or piece of wood that has a special meaning to you, Max looks forward to commission work and will be glad to turn one of his creations from that timber as a keepsake.

Lathe work is different than other types of woodworking, in that in turning, the wood moves rapidly and the cutting tool is presented slowly to the wood. Turners produce lots of shavings as opposed to sawdust. Making curlicue streamers is at the heart of a wood turner’s joy. Whether the wood comes from the firewood pile, or purchased from an exotic wood dealer, the fun and mystery in woodturning begins in making the piece rounded.

Interested in learning how to turn? Max teaches the craft of woodturning at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking, in Franklin, IN and Blue Heron Woodworking School in Bloomington, IN. Sign up for classes on-line or contact Max directly to participate in one of his classes!