Featured Artists



Kendall Reeves

Kendall received his first camera at age 4. He learned film processing in 8th grade and quickly found his purpose in life looking through the viewfinder. He names his favorite subject as “things that have seen better days.”


He has honed his skills through 35 years as a commercial photographer. He captures 7 to 9 exposures of each subject, blending the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights to hold detail in every part of his images. “This is something the brain and eyes do automatically, but cameras don’t,” he says. This is why his photos are rich in color, sharpness, and depth. Kendall has his hands on every step of the process, including printing and mounting. 


Joanne Shank  PAINTER  

Joanne Shank has several different styles. She loves painting watercolors of birds in their environments throughout the changing seasons. She also enjoys mixing colors from nature, then creating abstract imaginary landscapes.  


Watching how colors flow together has led to dyeing silk scarves. Whether it is watercolors of birds, abstract paintings or dying silk scarves, nature is always the source of inspiration.


Joanne is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives in Bloomington and is a signature member of the Bloomington Watercolor Society. Her website is www.joanneshank.com