Featured Artists



Della Wood  

Della is a porcelain clay artist whose sculptures and functional clay pieces are meticulously hand-built. Her background includes training received first in her own mother’s studio. Her mother, a graduate of John Herron Art School, studied under David K. Rubens. This influence became the pathway of Della’s art career. 

Della has studied with professional artists in Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Colorado, and at the University of Hawaii. She says “I am blessed to be able to capture the flow of the porcelain clay finding form. 

Della is the spouse of artist Don Wood. They like to say that Della is “Earth” and Don is “Wood” of their studio name “EarthenWood Studio. 



Don is a self-taught master craftsman. His interest in the beauty within the wood began as a youth working with his father and grandfather.


He says that his passion was ignited while working with a German master woodworker in Hawaii. 

Don not only has a keen eye for artistically blending various types of wood but his precision and attention to detail allows him to tailor fit his custom made rocking chairs to each individual’s personal measurements. 

His artistic eye and his well honed skill for perfection shows in each table, chair, rocking chair, and unique wooden piece he creates. 

Don is the spouse of artist Della Wood. They like to say that Della is “Earth” and Don is “Wood” of their studio name EarthenWood Studio.