Featured Artists



Geoff Keller  


Geoff carefully renders ink and pencil drawings of birds and other wildlife on hand-shaped wooden sculptures of aspen and other types of hardwoods. These drawings are comprised primarily of tens of thousands of extremely tiny dots. His highly accurate test counts reveal that many of his drawings will contain well over a quarter of a million individual dots, which takes many hours to complete a single drawing. Each drawing is “trapped” between multiple coats of polyacrylic spray finish, ensuring the raw wood is sealed to prevent the ink from bleeding into the wood. The finished drawing is also sealed to prevent the smudging of the pencil. Each drawing and sculpture range from six to 12 inches high.


Elizabeth Parrock


Beth has been through a journey in her art with glass. She started out working with seed beads, bead-woven jewelry, and French beaded flowers. Then Beth started fusing cabochons to incorporate into jewelry with metal clay. Now she is exploring glass fusing on a larger scale in her suncatchers and framed tiles. Beth says that she loves the interaction of light with the glass, whether it’s hanging on her neck or in her window. Her jewelry has long been a favorite with visitors to the gallery who will now be delighted with her new ventures in glasswork. 


Peter Rujuwa  


Peter’s stone sculptures are about family unity and love even among wilderness species. His inspiration comes from the proverbial saying that charity begins at home. The strength and values of a well-established and thriving community are birthed from the family values of unlimited love and unity. This theme of his sculptures makes them both inspirational and conversation pieces suitable for public display. Among other prominent individuals and establishments in the U.S. and Southern African countries, seven of Peter’s sculptures are owned and proudly displayed in the Art Garden at the Haans Museum, Lafayette, Indiana.