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Creating art has been a part of Elizabeth's life since early childhood. Being raised by a creative mother, art was a part of her everyday life.

While attending college at Western Michigan University, Elizabeth found pure joy in working in pottery. Shape, color, and form became her creative outlet and she enjoyed making functional objects.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Degree in 1983, Elizabeth worked until 1997 in accounting, her creative side getting satisfied when there was time. It was in 1997 that she discovered beads, their shape, color, and different sizes. Elizabeth put her day job on hold and her creative exploration unfolded. Designing jewelry was a natural expression for these wonderful objects. She learned Native American off-loom weaving techniques, peyote, and brick stitches as well as herringbone stitch originating in Africa. Semi-precious stone cabochons were incorporated to make pins and pendants, surrounded by the color and texture of the weaving.

It was in 2004 that Elizabeth came across a product that combined her ceramic talent and jewelry, precious metal clay. She is now able to mold and form her own creations in fine silver, bronze, and copper. Elizabeth became certified in Precious Metal Clay in 2005 and 2008 she received her certification in Art Clay.

Being an avid gardener and preferring to be in quiet remote wooded places, all of her pieces have a tie to nature. Elizabeth's palette is silver, bronze, copper, and an array of beads.

Molding, forming, and creating is an ongoing exploration. A few years ago she taught herself another medium—glass. Elizabeth now incorporates her own lampwork beads and fused glass into her jewelry.

Elizabeth's past experiences and education have come full circle. She has gone through an evolution to discover what she loves doing today and continues to find new ways to express herself as an artist.