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Bruce is a native Hoosier who has spent most of his adult life in Bloomington. His Brown County bonafide goes back to summer camp at Waycross on Bear Creek Road. Bruce is a self-taught artist who is in constant pursuit of inspiration—and his subject matter is whatever comes next. He tries to catch the interaction between people in his paintings and also paints interiors, buildings, and plant people fantasies if the spirit strikes. 

His seventh-grade art teacher told Bruce that he had no talent and should give it up. Bruce followed his advice until at the age of 35 when he received Betty Edward's book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" as a Christmas present, and has done a lot of drawing since then.

Bruce taught charcoal life and portrait drawing at the John Waldron Art Center in Bloomington for several years but now mainly works with watercolors. He loves the randomness and chaos of the medium—the "happy accidents."