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Brown County, with it's soft and earthy appeal, provided the kind of energy and beauty that has helped Anne develop a unique approach to stained glass.

Although Anne designs her windows and lamps using many motifs and styles, her favorite art form is Japanese art. “I am so drawn to the utter simplicity with which the Japanese artists have been able to express the complex nature of life,” she says. “I try to emulate the way in which they honor the power, beauty, fragility, and mystery of nature.”

Anne describes her transformed photography as “a creative process taking the photograph into the computer and turning it into a unique piece of art.” Once it is transformed, the photographs are printed on luster paper. The paper is reminiscent of the pearl-like inside of a sea shell. The luster paper gives the images a subtle glow, somewhat like the effect Anne achieves in her stained glass.

Anne has worked and lived in Brown County for more than 30 years.